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Thursday, 14 May 2015

I could start with a massive paragraph about how busy I've been and how little time I've had to blog because of my coursework deadlines but all that's over now because I've finally finished my first year at university! So now I have plenty of time to blog.. So on with the post. 

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palettes in Nude and Nude Bronze-
After hearing good reviews about these palettes, I decided to pick them up when I came across them in Boots and I was extremely happy with my purchase. I use the Nude Bronze palette a lot more especially if I’m just wanting a quick easy eye look I’ll apply one shade all over my eye lid and then just add mascara. But the Nude Palette is just perfect for a more subtle look. Both palettes are very pigmented and have great lasting power. To enhance the Nude Bronze shades I apply the shadow onto my brush and then just quickly spritze it with my new body shop Vitamin E spray and this just makes the colour really pop. The packaging isn’t anything special but for £3.99 I’m not going to complain.

I first received this for my birthday a few years ago from my mum and stepdad and really liked it. So when I received a new one for my birthday just gone i was very pleased. It’s a quite strong scent and when I wear it i get quite a few compliments but I can understand that it’s not for everyone.  
I’m the worst at describing scents so i’ll find a description online and pop it below:

"The fragrance and the bottle break with tradition, making Ultraviolet a modern fragrance that is both ultra-feminine and ultra-sensual. Ultraviolet Woman's statement heart note radiates from a delicate flower: Japanese osmanthus flower, also known as Kinmokusei. In the Spring, this white flower scents the air with a light, velvety odour, reminiscent of apricot. To extract all the subtlety and emotion of this flower and bring the fragrance to life, three notes – fresh pimento, amber and vanilla – support the heart. The spicy warmth and freshness of the pimento imparts its radiant, vibrant energy. Amber and vanilla are noble, luxurious ingredients that enhance its depth and intensity. Ultraviolet Woman becomes the expression and very essence of femininity and sensuality.I love the bottle that this perfume comes in, it’s so original and great for on the go use. "

I was so excited to get this for my birthday; since they came out I really wanted to try this range of brushes out and thought i’d start with the foundation brush, after hearing mixed reviews about it I thought i’d give it a try anyway and its amazing. I love shape of the brush, the triangle shaped bristles mean that it’s really easy to get into those hard to reach areas like around your nose and eyes. Also the packaging is just divine, so it’s a 10/10 from me, I would definitely recommend it.

This product is amazing, It's a little darker than I anticipated but it's beautiful. It's easy to apply and SO pigmented it's gorgeous. I think it'll be great for summer If i want to create a dark bronze eye look. This line of products by charlotte tilbury are meant to enhance your eye colour, and enhance is a bit far fetched in my opinion but this colour definitely suits me and I would recommend this product. If you've tried any Charlotte Tilbury products then comment down below and let me know what you think.

Rimmel Colour Rush Balm (Drive me Nude)-
I've still got mixed feelings about this product, some days I love it, and some days I really hate it. But it is very moisturising on the lips which I like, so I'm still undecided about this product. Maybe I want to like it more than I actually do, hmmm 

I love this colour it’s a stormy purple/blue colour and looks just lovely on the nails. I love this range of nail varnishes, I think that the brush is great and it’s really easy to apply. I’ve also found that it doesn’t chip so easily which is always great.

With Love, Em x

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