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Friday, 3 April 2015

Eyeshadow Palette- Makeup Revolution / Lipsticks (Nude and Coral)- Makeup Revolution / Eye Primer- Makeup Revolution / Bronzer- Makeup Revolution / Blush- MUA / Matte Powder- Rimmel / Face Wash- Garnier / Micellar Water- Garnier

On tuesday me and my mum headed into town for a lovely girlie day, some shopping a coffee and a haircut. Now I'd been dying to try out some makeup revolution products, and I've waited a while because the little super drug in Huddersfield don't stock them. So I picked up a few goodies, firstly this makeup palette which I chose because of all the beautiful copper-y colours, I thought it would be perfect for summer. The shadows are so pigmented and blendable which is just outstanding for the price. Also from makeup revolution I picked up a couple of lipsticks, a nude and a coral pink colour- a bargain at only £1 each! An eye primer which from first impressions is alright, nothing too fancy but for £2.50 I'm not complaining. And a bronzer which is so lovely, I just put a little on a bit fluffy brush and apply with my cheek contouring to warm up my face a little, I think it gives such a lovely effect and will be especially lovely in the summer when I have a little bit of a tan going on. 

I picked up my good old trusty Stay Matte Powder, I love the extra coverage it gives without giving a cakey finish. I've been on the hunt for a new blush recently but I didn't want to spend a fortune so I just opted for this bargain option from MUA. I also repurchased my garnier face wash/scrub/mask (3 in 1) which I really love, for my skin type it's not too harsh and doesn't leave my skin feeling really tight and dry after use. I also bought another micellar water because this is an amazing makeup remover, definitely worth the hype it's getting. 

With Love, Em x

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