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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Purse- River Island / Diary- Waterstones / Glasses- Specsavers / Phone- Apple / Headphones- Apple / Keyring- Ebay / Handcream- Palmers / Lipbalm- Nivea

A different sort of post today, it's just a little whats in my bag. I've seen a few of these posts floating around the bloggersphere and I thought that I'd join in. Now mines very simple, I don't like to carry around too much rubbish with me. My everyday uni bag includes these items plus my uni notes, laptop (on some days), pencil case and then different sewing/pattern cutting pieces depending on what classes I have that day. So rather than it getting all complicated with me including everything. I'm just sharing the basics with you.

I picked up this purse last week and I love it, the colours are so neutral and I think that it'll be great for spring/summer. I carry round this diary with me, I love the design and whats best about this book is that it has a monthly planner in for every month, which is just the best for keeping me organised. I carry round my glasses, my phone and my keys which are necessities. I'm totally loving the fluffy key ring trend at the moment, I found a lovely one on ASOS for £10 but reluctant to spend that much on a keyring I found this one on ebay for less than £2! Bargain! I also carry round a lip balm, at the moment I'm using this one which has SPF 15 which is always good, however when I'm suffering from super chapped lips I do change this out for a stronger one. This hand cream is amazing, it smells insanely tasty and it works wonders. 

With Love, Em x

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