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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Leather Jacket- Topshop / Black Skinny Jeans- River Island &DIY / White Vneck- ASOS / Choker- River Island / Watch- Karen Millen / Bracelet- Micheal Kors / Rings- Pandora / Bag- TK Max / Boots- Tesco, F&F

Here's a pretty simple outfit for you, I just put together some pretty basic pieces but I was actually really happy with the result. What I like about this look is it's pretty easy for anyone to replicate because I think it just uses wardrobe essentials, such as the leather jacket, black skinnies and the white v-neck.

 I kept my jewellery simple and just added my new silver choker. I'm back home this weekend because its my mum and dads birthday (same weekend, what a coincidence) so I've been catching up with some friends which has been lovely. I wore this outfit out to the pub last night so I'm currently writing this post with a little bit of a hangover, one glass of wine too many I think..

Me and Jodie spontaneously decided to go to Tesco to get some hair dye at 10 o'clock on thursday night and whilst there I picked up these boots. They are just what I've been after, they've got a heel but it's not too high, I am like 6ft in them but hey I'm a tall gal. they're peep toe with a cut out at the heel and a zip at the side. They're comfy to walk in but I did get a blister on my toe but I think thats pretty much the same with all new shoes. So, Jodie convinced me to dye my hair too, so we both got the same ombre pack and just did the mid half- bottom of our hair. I didn't want anything to drastic but just something to lighten it up a bit for summer. But the photos don't show how it is in reality. The lighting was really off in these photos, I'm in desperate need of a new camera, I should really start saving ahye. 

Anyway, I'm off out again tonight so expect another OOTN to be popping up on here over the next few days, hope you're all well and as always if theres anything in particular you want to see then just pop a comment below.

With Love, Em x

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  1. Can't believe those boots are from Tesco! They look so much more expensive, great look x


    1. I know, I was so surprised too! Thanks! xx

  2. Great look, simple but classic! x



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