OOTD: New Duster Jacket

Friday, 13 March 2015

Duster Coat- Topshop / Shirt- H&M / Jeans- River Island / Necklace- H&M / Bracelet- Topshop / Watch- Karen Millen / Boots- New Look

As I mentioned in my last post (ootd- here) I went shopping the other day and picked up a few things,  including this duster coat, the shirt and the necklace. H&M had so many good basics in, I was so shocked at how many things I wanted to get, but I had to restrain myself so just got plain black and white crop tops, this shirt and this necklace, which is just adorable it's so dainty and lightweight I couldn't tell I had it on! And this Duster, well my friends basically bullied me into buying it, as in they dragged me to the till.. But I'm so glad they did because I love it, and it goes with everything, from jeans to skirts to dresses. And it's lightweight so It'll be perfect for spring/summer; especially with outfits that are a little on the shorter side, its such a great way to add length to an outfit.

This was just a super quick OOTD that I chucked on before heading into Uni so nothing too fancy.

Hope you're all well and as always any suggestions for posts then pop them in the comments down below. Have you been feeling spendy lately? Comment below with your favourite latest purchases!

With Love, Em x

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