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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Silver Choker- River Island / Silver Bangle- Gift / Red Underwear- Asos / Eyeshadow Palette- Sleek / Mascara- Maybelline / Nails- Elegant Touch / Red Nail Varnish- Barry M(mnp2) / Nude Nail Varnish- Collection

Last month I was a bit of a bad blogger and didn't do a February favourites post.. There was a lot I wanted to include but I seemed to be so busy with uni at the end of February that it skipped my mind. So I'm doing this post, a current favourites to make up for it. Some things like the underwear set, the nails and the dark nail varnish were more valentines related favourites but I've been wearing them quite a lot since Valentines Day so I decided to include them anyway. 

I've been really into silver jewellery lately, especially the pieces shown above. I love layering different pieces together to create different looks. I picked up this red underwear set for valentines weekend and It's just so lovely, it fits nicely and I love how when the red bra is styled with a low-ish shirt you can see the lovely strap detailing, (see how I styled it here).

I recently picked up the maybelline sensational mascara and I have never felt so strongly about a mascara. This product is amazing. It provides length and volume without being clumpy, it manages to keep hold of the curl all day(which I haven't found in any other mascara) and it's not too expensive. In my eyes under £10 mascara is reasonable. I picked up these fake nails for valentines weekend and painted them in the matte red colour (shown above) and they looked lovely, because you get so many nails in the set you can find the size that fit your nails exactly, and the glue thats included is really good. They did pop off on occasion but I just carried the glue around with me and problem solved. The nude nail varnish I've had for a while now but I've recently just got into using it, it looks wonderful on the fake nails. I picked up this sleek eyeshadow palette for a night out a couple of weeks ago (see my OOTN here) and I was so impressed with the quality, I created a lovely purple smokey eye and I use the shade 'taupe' all over my lids for a lovely bright eyed every day look. 

With Love, Em x

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