January Favourites 2015

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hey Lovelies, 

Hope all of you have a had a lovely January, mine was actually really great. Usually January isn't my favourite month, just after Christmas and always cold and miserable but I had a lovely time being back home seeing my friends and boyfriend and I came back to University on the 18th and it's been great catching up with the girls and getting back into some sort of routine. 

I'm actually really excited to do this post because this months favourites includes either Christmas presents or items I've purchased with my christmas money so I think it's been a good month for me overall!

Cleansing Water
I discovered this at the start of December and started using it to remove my makeup instead of using makeup wipes. It is so much gentler on the skin and makes removing makeup a breeze, I don't have to rub as hard to remove my makeup anymore. As much as I love this product I disagree with the fact it says the bottle contains enough liquid for 200 uses however thats because I use more than the 2ml per cotton pad because I need more than one cotton pad to fully remove my makeup. But saying that I would still recommend this product to anyone wanting to try something different to makeup wipes.

I grabbed this in Primark before I went to London because I wanted a small across the body back with silver hard wear for London and I have used it so much it's my new go to bag. It's actually quite roomy which was a lovely surprise, I can easily fit in a note book, my big purse, glasses case and my camera (Fujifilm finepix HS20 EXR) as well as some other bits and bobs. The quality of this bag isn't the best but it was only £8 (I think) from Primark so I am not expecting it to last years. 

Doughnut Phone Case
On the topic of Primark, I stumbled across this super cute phone case in Primark a few weeks ago and I couldn't resist. It's so cute. I've had many compliments on it and for £2 it's a bargain. 

Nude Lipstick
I have been on the hunt for a nude lipstick for what must be about a year and half, but I just couldn't find the right colour, I wanted a paler 'my lips but better' colour and I think I found it. It goes with everything and I've worn it so much since I bought it. The only problem I have with this is that if your lips are slightly chapped which mine are at the moment (the cold huddersfield breeze does not get on well with my lips..) then it's not the most flattering as it just exaggerates the fact that your lips are chapped. However I do love it and it's a great buy for a drugstore lipstick.


I picked these up in the Oxford Street Topshop when I was on a University Trip in November. They came in a pack together and were £10 and I have worn them almost every day. I usually wear silver jewellery as a pose to gold so the silver hardware in the middle of the chockers matches the rest of my jewellery without there being too much silver. They're a great layering piece. If you want to see how I style them then just have a flick through my instagram account.

Moon Necklace
This lovely piece was my Christmas present from Josh, it's sterling silver which is a win because as I mentioned before I prefer Silver jewellery to gold. This necklace works great as a layering piece it's just the right length. And we have a little thing for the whole sun and moon thing so it's super cute on that level too.

I picked this up in Topshop when I was shopping a few weeks ago, and I really like it. It's a very simple piece but its something a little different to the rest of my rings. And my favourite thing about this ring is that it hasn't tarnished! Which is the best thing ever because the majority of rings I pick up on the high street tarnish after washing your hands a few times so I was so pleasantly surprised with this ring.

Micheal Kors Bracelet
This was such a lovely surprise from my dad and step mum for Christmas, I usually receive some money from them so to open this it really was unexpected. Me and my step mum have a similar taste in jewellery and clothes so I'm sure the credit goes to her for picking this lovely bracelet! Its so simple and goes with everything it's too nice to save for special occasions so I've worn it everyday since opening it!

Real Techniques Brushes 
I have been after some new makeup brushes for ages but not really known which ones to choose, so after reading so many great reviews about the real techniques brushes and seeing them on offer in boots I just couldn't resist. And wow are they worth the hype, they're such good quality and make applying my makeup every morning so much better. I have however seen a few blog posts on their new deluxe range of brushes and wow are they insanely gorgeous, I think a couple of those may appear on my birthday wish list...

What products were you liking during January I'd love to know? 
Pop a comment below! x

Love; Em xo

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