OOTN- Halloween- Skeleton and Cracked Doll

Monday, 3 November 2014

Hey lovelies,

So there has been numerous halloween parties that happened over the last couple of weeks, so here's two outfits/costumes that I wore, if you'd like to see a makeup tutorial on either of the looks then just pop a comment below. 

OOTN 1- Skeleton
I actually bought this dress for a halloween party last year, but it won't be hard to pick up a skeleton body con dress, they're selling them everywhere! I kept my makeup dark but nothing too extravagant because I didn't fancy going all out with a skeleton face painting session, so instead I just popped some black powder on my face for a contour and did big dark eyes. 

My awfully shocking 'scary pose' I don't even know 

Dress- Boohoo

OOTN 2- Cracked Doll
For the second halloween night out, we left finding a costume till the last minute. I didn't fancy buying a whole new costume so we went out at 4pm on halloween on the hunt for fake blood and vampire teeth, my intention to wear a black dress and be a vampire, but that didn't work out being as everywhere had sold out so I found some picture of cracked doll makeup online and did my best, this was the most 'doll' like dress I had in my wardrobe so thats what I wore. 

Dress- H&M sale £5

My friend Kimmy went as a dead puppet and didn't she look amazing! She put much more thought into her outfit than I did and it paid of so here's a few snaps of her outfit!

'Scary Pose'.....

Hope you're all doing well, as always if you have any suggestions or want me too take a look at your blog leave a link below, I'm always on the hunt for new blogs to read!

Love; Em xo

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  1. your costumes look awesome! i really love that skeleton dress!!


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