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Friday, 31 October 2014

Hello Lovelies,

Recently, there's been a little issue with me buying jewellery, for in me going shopping for lets say my weekly food shop and seeing a Miss Selfridge on the way and spending £10 on jewellery instead.. So to make the most of my recent shopping habits I've decided to get all the pieces I've picked up over the last few weeks and pop them in a post for you. I'm also going to include some pieces I picked up on my travels because most of them haven't made a feature on my blog yet.

Hand Necklace
In the hotel we were staying in during the day in the lobby area there was a couple of jewellery/gift stands and on the way to breakfast every day me and mum had a nosey, and this little gem caught my eye, so I asked how much and it was the equivalent of £35 and I wasn't prepared to pay that for this piece because although the stall owner said it was 'real silver' I didn't quite trust him. So I walked off, but I was still thinking about it a good few days later so on the last day of the holiday I bought it, turns out a different person served me and it only cost the equivalent of £20 so I was much happier with that price! I love this piece, I wore it lots on holiday as it went with my beach-wavey hair and the general throwing on of floaty beach cover ups, it seems like more of a boho piece. 

(If you're curious about seeing what I got up to in Cuba then posts are week 1 and week 2!)

Petaling Street- 'Tiffany' Key
Petaling Street- 'Tiffany' Circle
Obviously when shopping in Asia you have to go a street market, whilst in Malaysia we visited Petaling Street twice. You can't beat Tiffany jewellery it's lovely causal jewellery so I decided to pick up a couple of pieces. I chose the key and the ring, they seem good quality obviously not real Tiffany quality but they'll do just fine for me!

H&M- Ring Pack and H&M- Toe Rings 
(not available online)
Whilst feeling a little more boho on my travels, especially on the islands, I decided to pick up a couple of ring packs in the H&M in Penang. I can't remember the prices exactly but I think they were about £5, I was basically living in a wonderful pair of sandals I picked up in Primark for like £3 and decided to fancify my feet a little so picked up some toe rings while I was at it, these were again around £5.

Toe Rings

(If you're curious about seeing what I got up to in Malaysia then posts are KL, Penang, Singapore and Pangkor Laut Island!)


Miss Selfridge Two Pack Necklaces (sale)
(not available online)
I am a sucker when it comes to Miss Selfridge jewellery, I just cannot say no. And the sales are my favourite, I can always find a couple of pieces for a bargain! After seeing a couple of Jenn's recent videos where she'd been sporting the layered necklace look I knew I had to buy this set.

Dorothy Perkins Three Pack Necklaces (sale)
Ooh the dorothy Perkins sales are almost as good as the Miss Selfridge ones! I saw these and just immediately walked to the till, they're just lovely, the necklaces fall at the perfect length and go with pretty much everything.

Miss Selfridge Gold Midi Ring (sale)
(not available online)
My excuse for buying this gem is that my gold midi ring collection is seriously lacking so thats why I picked this up, also it's super pretty.

Accessorize Love Necklace
Out of all my recent jewellery purchases this is definitely my most worn piece, because it's sterling silver so I can wear it in the shower, and it's just so dainty it goes with everything without taking away from the outfit.

Pandora Ring
My lovely grandma took me out shopping as a 'well done with your results/getting into uni/very belated birthday present' before coming to university, (I have probably mentioned this in a previous post but I shall go on) and treated me to a lovely leather Jacket, some jeans and this stunning piece. You can never go wrong with Pandora, the pieces are so gorgeous and very good quality, as well as the service being amazing. This ring is so beautiful it's got just the right amount of sparkle!

Hope you're all doing well, if you have a spare second comment below with your favourite jewellery piece! I'd love to see what you prefer!

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