Black and White Stripes OOTD and a day in Singapore!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hey Guys,

This post is something a little, different, I initially wanted to get more OOTD snaps to do a proper OOTD post for you, but we were so busy sight seeing and what not we didn't really get chance, so there just a couple of pictures for you but if you click HERE then you can read all about the day in Singapore which was fantastic it's such a beautiful city! I'd definitley recommend visiting if you have the chance.

So, I did curl my hair, and I'm not lying it looked fabulous, we then got to Singapore and it chucked it down for about 25/30minutes and we avoided the most of it, but my hair just turned into a frizz ball in the humidity so hence the awful bun thing thats going on, my apologises!

If you're a new follower to my blog then you might not quite understand my obsession with black, it's quite impressive, 80% of the items I've bought with me to Malaysia are black, anyway we've been shopping quite a bit whilst staying in Johor Bahru and I've picked up 4 items so far, a black playsuit, which should be popping up sometime on here, as well as a black crochet top, again to be making an appearance on here soon, this black and white cropped cami and a grey cami type top, I swear i'm just drawn to black and grey, argh! I really like the top I wore to Singapore, it works really well with everything and its mega comfy it was like £39.99 Malaysian Ringgit which is like £8 ish from H&M and I think it makes a difference to my usual all black ensembles!

Love; Em xo


  1. Lovely outfit, hope you had a great holiday! x

  2. Hello babe, I love your blog so I nominated you for the liebster award :) you can see the post I've written here Hopefully speak to you soon!



  3. Hi Amie, Thankyou! Your Post was fabulous! I'm currently away at the moment and my blog to-do list is growing but as soon as I can I'll write the post! Again, thanks! Lots of love

    Emma xx


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