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Friday, 4 July 2014

Hello Guys!
So, firstly the new layout? What are people thinking I was up late last night trying to get things sorted before I go away and thought that this just fit the blog a bit better, kept the title simple and all, I'd love to hear your thoughts so just leave a comment below!x

On with the OOTD, verrrrrry simple, just leggins and a baggy tshirt I'm trying out outfits for the flight and think that this may be a winner, it's mega comfy but with the blazer it all looks a bit more put together what do you think? So I'm just popping out to get a few things today like a couple more clothes for holiday, picking up my glasses etc so it's an easy errand running outfit!

T-shirt- H&M
Blazer- F21 USA
Watch- Karren Millen
Bracelet- Miss Selfridge
Ring- Pandora
Chain- Miss Selfridge

So I also gave my second blog 'imaginelacedragonsother' a serious makeover last night and thats looking a lot better and my latest post JUNE FAVOURITES is live on that blog now! Seriously keep your eyes peeled on that over the next few weeks/months because with a lot of travelling that blog may be being updated more frequently than this one! 

Ideally before the 11th there should be a post about my Art and Textile Exhibition coming up, the draft is almost done I'm just trying to see if I can find any better quality photos, so that should be coming up next week.
11th July -26th July: I'm away in Cuba so there will be a couple of travel/summer related posts going up, they will be scheduled as I will have no access to wifi. I'm thinking a summer Nail Varnish Post and a Whats in my Hand Luggage/Travel Bag.
28th July -22nd August: I'm in Malaysia, where I will have access to the Internet. So I'm planning to sort through my Cuba Photos on the Plane, because that would definitely kill some time being as it's a 12 hour flight! Then I will be doing a similar post to my Rome Travel Post (LINK HERE) but I will separate that up a little. 
End of August- Early September: I will be doing similar to my Rome and Cuba post but for Malaysia and also some getting ready for Uni Posts...

Love; Em xo


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    1. Hiya Jadiee, Thankyou so much! Just had a quick look at you blog and I love it, you've gained a follower! xoxo


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