Crazy about Daisies

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Okay, I'm not sure why but seriously i can't get enough of daisies at the moment, especially printed onto clothes, i think they're just such a simple print that is perfect for spring! So here are my top picks, enjoy!

If you know me at all then you'll know I love anything oversized, its an obsession really. I find oversized items incredibly hard to wear because in most occasions they just drown you, but what is so wonderful about this items is because the dress almost holds its shape it does't hang down and swamp you. The embroidered daises are just wonderful and I think this is such a lovely item to have in your wardrobe for summer and it's just so simple to style!

Its Monochrome and printed, I love it. The petals on these daisies are much longer and thinner, which is a quality I like in this print. The fact that this is black and white means that you could style it with some cute accessories and add a lovely pop of colour.

As you might be able to tell, i've gone a little misguided crazy on this blog post, but they offer so many different daisy prints it was heavenly! This is a much smaller print and with it being quite a high neck playsuit I would keep accessories to a minimum and just embrace the beautiful daisies!

This screams 60's to me, I think that because of the simple curved flower shape and the fab grey background print. I love this piece because it's long enough to wear some little shorts under it and pull it off as basically a dress, and I love that look!

Style this with some high waisted jeans and just work these Warhol-esque daisies. Because its such a simple print add some colour in with a bold lip and cute bag.

If these fit as well as I'm hoping they would, these will really synch you in at the waist and also how comfy do they look?! I'm loving the navy blue maybe some cute converse would dress down these shorts, these are totally a holiday must have!

Love; Em xo


  1. I love daisy print! Forever 21 has had a lot of cute daisy things lately!
    lexi // thelittlebrunette

    1. Hiya Alexis! I can't get enough of daisy prints at the moment! I'll take a look at Forever 21, Thanks!xo


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