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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Not my typical post, but after hours of internet browsing, I thought it'd be nice to put together a little collection of my favourite items and share them with you! Check out my latest post on imaginelacedragonsother and a week in sixthform outfits will be going live tomorrow on this blog!

I think if asked to describe my style, I'd say something along the lines of: I like to pair really grungey statement pieces with more clean cut classic items. This T-shirt is totally my style, I totally see this working with a nice pair of dark wash skinnies and a fitted nude blazer and some minialistic heels? or in my case some chunky black boots!

How comfy do these babies look?! Need these, would probably style these with a nice colourful printed shirt or go completely monochrome and simplistic.

Love that this top is spot on with the pastels spring trend, but my favourite feature of this item is the black panel on the back, it has the girlie vintage vibe but with a nice twist. With this item I would most likely keep the accessories simple and delicate to ensure the beautiful lace got the spot light.

A very nice, quite simple statement necklace that could add a little extra to an otherwise boring outfit. I really like that this piece combines both silver and gold so you could wear either or both in your other accessories!

Got a thing for sheer fabrics at the moment, I think it's the ability to see the layers through the fabric and I really like that. I'd style this with either just a black lace bandeau bra or a strapless black top depending on how confident or comfortable you're feeling. I'd keep the top strapless to show off that wonderful embellished neckline!

I love khaki, I think it doesn't get the notice it deserves. Its a really easy way to add a slight pop of colour to an outfit, which I desperately need, without going overboard! Could go for a more military feel when styling these jeans, maybe lace up boots and a white button down?

This dress is the perfect occassion dress for summer, the structure of the peplum is flattering on most body shapes and it's just a lovely smart dress for the summer months. I think it would be a great investment piece for any wardrobe as like an LBD you can style it so many ways as it a blank canvas!

This item just made me think of my friend Roseanne, it's so cute and pretty and vintage and I can totally see her rocking this with a Cath Kidston bag. 

A more vintage interpretation of some nude summer sandals, I can totally imagine finding something very much these in my nana's wardrobe and I love that about them. Would work with almost every outfit, they also do these in black.

I love this top, it gives the illusion of a crop top because so much of the bottom is open but just the fact that there is little fabric on the end of the top gives you a little more confidence if you need to work on those abs a bit more before getting your belly out. Also like item one its the perfect grungey piece to style with some more classic cut items.

This is not a sponsered post, I just love all of these items and thought I would share them with you all.

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