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Thursday, 7 November 2013

There are several items that I think every girl needs in her wardrobe, the obvious (and most commonly mentioned in 'staple' video's etc) are: A good Pair of Jeans, Black Blazer, White Shirt, LBD, Clutch, Black Heels, Cosy Jumper, A good pair of Boots etc.. But on all of the lists that I've come across a t-shirt dress has been missed off. I think that a nice graphic print t-shirt dress can solve all your problems, it can be the thing you grab out of the wardrobe when you don't have time to think about an outfit and all you'll need is some cute ankle boots, a slouchy bag and a jacket. Or to dress it up some heels a clutch and you're good to go. So whilst online shopping earlier I came across this beauty and I just had to let you lot know how amazing it is. And in all honesty if I had £50 then I would definitely splurge on this magnificent item.

Sorry this isn't a very long post, I've had so much on this week, I'm at a costume party tomorrow night so that outfit should hopefully be popping up on either saturday night or sunday morning, and I'm hoping to get a  lookbook up for sometime next week. So keep your eyes peeled!

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