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Thursday, 14 November 2013

So I'm sat here looking at the long list of things that have to be finished by friday, with my ipod on shuffle, Red Hot Chili Peppers come on and I'm thinking how cool red lips would look on a nice T-Shirt... And that is how this post happened...

Love the lips on this t-shirt, very marilyn monroe, I'm not sure on the pipped edging though so I'm tempted to order it in an oversized then get a pair of sissors and go crazy, a deep v-neck maybe? Every gal need a good pair of black skinny's (I'm still searching) however these look pretty damn good I might need to grab myself a pair. The boots, they're black, and cut outs but with a twist this wonderful snake skin effect adds an element of class to this otherwise laid back outfit, so of course they had to be included! Would this look be complete without a red lip? I think not! So what better than Russian Red by Mac!

Love; Em xo

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