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Sunday, 17 November 2013

The theme this week was Favourite Clothes Shop! I've struggled a bit with this because I tend to shop everywhere I find most things I like online at either Boohoo because its cheap or ASOS because well they have everything. However I think that my favourite clothes shop is probably H&M because they have a great variety of clothing and the accessories are fab and most importantly everything is affordable which is important for students on a budget! I tend to get either stuff for sixthform because I know I'm only going to be needing it for this year so it doesn't need to last because lets face it H&M isn't know for their amazing quality; or I'll get 'disposable fashion' if I see an item that is totally 'on trend' but I'm not sure I'll be wearing it a year from now then I'll get those sort of things from there. Here's an example of something I'd get from H&M and one of my favourites of their website! 
Slip Dress

Love; Em xo

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