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Friday, 25 October 2013

Just a few products that have caught my eye recently...

Slip Dress
Like everybody at the moment, I'm totally digging this 90's trend and what's more 90's then pyjama dressing? So this Slip Dress gets number 1 on my lust list because well it's just beautiful, it's definitely on the pricey side but the beautiful deep lace edging makes it totally worth it. I came across this dress on the wonderful PeaceLoveShea blog and fell in love with it. As much as I love this Slip Dress the reality is that it's October, nearly November so the weather.. And lets face it who would walk round Derby in this lingerie slip dress? But hey, theirs a first for everything right?

If you know me at all then you'd know that Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters is one of my favourite youtubers, I love everything about Jenn's style (Last month I did a Lookbook on Jenn check it out) one thing inparticular is her wonderful selection of hats! She particularly sports a similar hat to this one and so I thought I just have to have one!

Again with this 90's/Grunge trend?! I don't know why but I'm drawn to it. These boots are just everything that is right with the world. Everybody needs a pair of black cut out boots, they'll be featuring in my Autumn/Winter staples post soon, purely because they go with everything, jeans or dress they'll look beautiful. Oh my gosh pairing these boots with the slip dress per-fec-tion.

Everyone is in need of something to just throw on and instantly add something to an outfit, and anything that is loose fitting is just a bonus. This kimono is perfect as it will add a pop of colour to a simple/boring outfit and the flowing shape of it means that it would go great with a clean cut fitted item underneath.

So with Halloween just around the corner (yay) I decided to include something seasonal in my list because well who doesn't like halloween?! And with the amount of costume parties that have been happening recently this item is a must! Although this dress is particularly halloween-y I reckon that with some killer goth platforms it could totally work for the glam goth trend too! And at only £14.99 who wouldn't want this?

So being a dedicated reader of the wonderful blog SheWearsFashion I was bound to come across this amazing item. I love how Kavita uses this bag with her outfits and I really love the idea and quirky-ness of the product. However with the amount of rubbish I carry round in my bag I doubt it'd have the same effect, but anyway it gets a mention on my lust list because its just fabulous. 

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  1. I am obsessed with cut out boots! I have nominated you for the sunshine award all the details about it are in my latest blog post. xx


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