Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Let me start by saying that I love both Claire and Jenn's style. Although quite different they both have an edge. So I decided to create a couple of looks inspired by them for you. 

heyclaire - clothesencounters

HEYCLAIRE- Claire Marshall
Claire's Channel

This is just a look I put together based on a couple of outfits that Claire's worn in some of her pervious lookbooks. I decided to create this look because I LOVE Claire's style however its hard to find some of the pieces in the UK. Claire looks amazing in every single video there's nothing about her style I dislike, Claire has been my favourite youtuber for a while now and I just had to create a look similar to what she wears for you!

Jenn's Channel

I've been a big fan of ClothesEncounters for a while now so when picking two of my favourite youtubers to re-create  their looks Jenn was an obvious choice. I love how Jenn's style varies from very girly to very grungey; so I tried to combine the two when creating this look. I chose two different styles of shoes, one for a more formal look, the other for a  more casual.

Boyfriend Jeans

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